​​New and Improved Suggested Edits​​

Have you ever suggested an edit to a page, only for your submission to go into a bottomless void with no idea if the admins actually used it?​​ Well fear no more! »

Kanad Gupta Kanad Gupta

Quick Switcher: Speed Up Your Workflow

Introducing Quick Switcher, the fastest way to navigate ReadMe. How does it work? Press ⌘+K on Macs or Ctrl+K on Windows anywhere inside ReadMe to »

Sean Dokko

Introducing API Metrics

You've spent lots of time documenting your API so that more people can use it successfully. Excellent! Is it working? Can you tell... Who is using »

Ehsan Mafi Ehsan Mafi

Cleaning up the ReadMe Dashboard

Over four years of adding features to ReadMe, our dashboard was starting to get a little bit cluttered, so we took a step back and did »

Marc Cuva Marc Cuva

Automate Your Documentation

This is a blog version of a talk I gave last week at ReadMe's conference: API Mixtape Vol. 2. The premise of the talk was how »