En route to better partner APIs

Today, we launched a feature within our enterprise suite that allows you to create readonly members within your child projects.

Here is what that means for you:

Say you have an organization, with multiple projects, and multiple clients. You need to be able to make some parts of your APIs visible to some groups of users, and not for others, all the while, supporting your authentication protocol of choice (SAML/OAuth). Now with ReadMe, you can.

A readonly user is a user that can only access a project via the hub; they will not have any administrative privileges for a project.

Read Only status

In addition, users may now request access to your projects. Once users have requested access to a certain project, the owner of said project will receive an email notification.

Users requesting access will be visible in the enterprise project members section

Here is what you need to do to configure your project correctly for users to request access to your project; projects using SAML must now be configured to use the option Project Members Only

These changes allow you to provision private apis with ease and we hope you try them out!

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